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Most Stylish Movies Off All Time | Learn Fashion

most stylish movies ever

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration you can find it anywhere, only if you’re looking in the right place. And what would be more inspiring than to look it up on the cinema screen. If it happens that you missed seeing those movies in the theatre, don’t worry about it because they’re still fashionable enough to watch on the small screen. Let’s being with the first movie in our list of the “Most Stylish Movies of All Time”!

1. Skyfallskyfall james bond picture

A 2012 movie that really had everything on point. Among all the modern movies, nothing will be complete without James Bond. The fact that all the suits were designed, and then later on dispatched by hand. It makes us all realize that it’ll be so good to be James Bond.


2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

It’s a 2011 movies that proved some weird stuff could be cool. For instance, wearing a green suit and talking with a mouth full could actually look cool! And of course let’s not forget about Ryan Gosling who spiced up the movie a bit.


3. Ocean’s Eleven

A 2001 movie that obviously did serve some of the best dressed criminals. The suit that Brad wore in the movie is surely more than enough to earn this movie a spot on our list. He surely isn’t the only one who was good dressed. I mean it’s not every day that you get to see a group of villains looking so good, while they’re not even up for doing any good.


4. Layer Cake

A 2004 movie that pops a question, do you like your mercenaries dressed good, but also a badass? Then this is the best movie where you would find that. Daniel Craig looked nailed it during the entire movie, from start to finish. I must speak about his leather jacket though. As well as his off-white suit that looked so elegant.


4. The Great Gatsby

A 2013 movie where Leonardo is super stylish. It was said to be that it’s one of the most fashionable stylish movies of that year. Let’s be honest, doesn’t Leo look super-hot and stylish in anything he wears? Well, from my opinion he does!


5. Spring Breakers

It’s also a 2013 movie, that’s full of young teenagers who put themselves in a lot of trouble. Regardless of that, the girls look good during most of the movie time. And surely they did look sexy enough to catch our attention.


6. Black Swan

A 2010 original movie that I bet no one doesn’t know about. Full of drama, and yet they didn’t forget about pulling up the best stylish ballerinas in the movie. They used the right contrast of colors to show the best out of the movie. The use of the green color, and also the red color added to the movie’s style.


7. Clueless

A 1995 movie that brings us back to the stylish outfits that were common back then. It speaks about a very rich girl who simply lives to give fashion tips to her friends. Keeping her looks good, she sure kept her stylish reputation. I mean who would’ve hated that yellow stripped outfit? Sorry I had to bring that up, it’s just my favorite outfit from the entire movie.


8. Legally Blonde

A 2001 movie that’s every girl’s obsession movie. She’s a blonde but she sure loved the color PINK! Is there a girl who actually hate the color? I think not. She rocked some great outfits during the movie, and I loved her legal ones the most. It has to go on our list.
That brings us to the end of our article, let us know your favorite stylish movie of the movies we mentioned above, or even one that we didn’t mention. We welcome your thoughts and point of view.

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