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Most Stylish Movies Off All Time | Learn Fashion

most stylish movies ever

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration you can find it anywhere, only if you’re looking in the right place. And what would be more inspiring than to look it up on the cinema screen. If it happens that you missed seeing those movies in the theatre, don’t worry about it because they’re still fashionable enough to watch on the small screen. Let’s being with the first movie in our list of the “Most Stylish Movies of All Time”!

1. Skyfallskyfall james bond picture

A 2012 movie that really had everything on point. Among all the modern movies, nothing will be complete without James Bond. The fact that all the suits were designed, and then later on dispatched by hand. It makes us all realize that it’ll be so good to be James Bond.


2. Crazy, Stupid, Love

It’s a 2011 movies that proved some weird stuff could be cool. For instance, wearing a green suit and talking with a mouth full could actually look cool! And of course let’s not forget about Ryan Gosling who spiced up the movie a bit.


3. Ocean’s Eleven

A 2001 movie that obviously did serve some of the best dressed criminals. The suit that Brad wore in the movie is surely more than enough to earn this movie a spot on our list. He surely isn’t the only one who was good dressed. I mean it’s not every day that you get to see a group of villains looking so good, while they’re not even up for doing any good.


4. Layer Cake

A 2004 movie that pops a question, do you like your mercenaries dressed good, but also a badass? Then this is the best movie where you would find that. Daniel Craig looked nailed it during the entire movie, from start to finish. I must speak about his leather jacket though. As well as his off-white suit that looked so elegant.


4. The Great Gatsby

A 2013 movie where Leonardo is super stylish. It was said to be that it’s one of the most fashionable stylish movies of that year. Let’s be honest, doesn’t Leo look super-hot and stylish in anything he wears? Well, from my opinion he does!


5. Spring Breakers

It’s also a 2013 movie, that’s full of young teenagers who put themselves in a lot of trouble. Regardless of that, the girls look good during most of the movie time. And surely they did look sexy enough to catch our attention.


6. Black Swan

A 2010 original movie that I bet no one doesn’t know about. Full of drama, and yet they didn’t forget about pulling up the best stylish ballerinas in the movie. They used the right contrast of colors to show the best out of the movie. The use of the green color, and also the red color added to the movie’s style.


7. Clueless

A 1995 movie that brings us back to the stylish outfits that were common back then. It speaks about a very rich girl who simply lives to give fashion tips to her friends. Keeping her looks good, she sure kept her stylish reputation. I mean who would’ve hated that yellow stripped outfit? Sorry I had to bring that up, it’s just my favorite outfit from the entire movie.


8. Legally Blonde

A 2001 movie that’s every girl’s obsession movie. She’s a blonde but she sure loved the color PINK! Is there a girl who actually hate the color? I think not. She rocked some great outfits during the movie, and I loved her legal ones the most. It has to go on our list.
That brings us to the end of our article, let us know your favorite stylish movie of the movies we mentioned above, or even one that we didn’t mention. We welcome your thoughts and point of view.

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Movies For Fashion Lovers | Must Watch

Hollywood has the money and the clothes to show off, and because there are a lot of fashion designers and great outfits to show, there is no better way to show them off than putting them into a stylish fashion hd movies.
If you’re into fashion, or even have a bit of sense of it. You’ll definitely know these stylish fashion movies we’re going to talk about, and their worthiness to watch them online.  As we’ll be discussing the top 10, that every fashion lover needs to watch!

1. The Devil Wears Prada

The free movie is shot in New York, Which is known to be the fashion capital of America. The movie focuses on a high-end fashion magazine, and it’s all about devil wears pradathe fashion industry in that movie.
As the employees work in the fashion industry, and in one of the greatest fashion magazines, they have to look fashionable enough for their jobs. That’s why we’ll be able to see a lot of gorgeous office-chic outfits that any business woman would dream of having!
The movie is all about a normal journalist who walks her way up the fashion industry, and gets the chance to rock in some of the to-die-for outfits.
From our point of view, this free movie had to top our list.


2. Confessions of a Shopaholiconfessions of a shopaholic movie poster

The movie is all about a young woman who just can’t get enough of shopping for fabulous clothes. So, during the entire free movie we’ll be able to see a lot of scenes of gorgeous clothes that will take our breath away. But, and unfortunately our young woman can’t really afford them. And the funny thing about this, being broke doesn’t really stop her from being shopaholic.
It’s a Comedic fashion free movie, which has a beautiful flavor of both comedy and fashion.


3. Breakfast at Tiffany’sbreakfast at tiffanys

No doubts that is one of my favorite to watch free movies online in fashion genre, and it’s totally a classic one to see. The free movie is about the creation of the little black dress. The free movie is was the trend of its time, and of today.


4. Clueless


Ahhh! I mean like is there is any girl out there who hasn’t watched that free movie yet?! It’s an absolute fashion bomb movie. It’s about a rich spoiled young woman in high school who gives fashion tips to all her friends, and searches for a boyfriend. She wears the most luxurious, cute outfits to keep her reputation in school. It’s a fashion movie that almost every girl has to see.


5. Sex and the City

Where have you been if you haven’t watched this yet? The free movie is all about shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Carrie in the movie would prefer to read vogue sex and the city the moviemagazine than eating her dinner. From the successful TV series of “Sex and The City” the free movie proves to be one of the greatest movies about fashion in decades. The thing that really got my attention and is considered to be the most gorgeous iconic outfit in the movie, is Carrie’s wedding dress.
And the movie gives the dress its own scene, just to remind us of how AWESOME it is.
Like come on! You need to see this movie if you’re a fashion trendy girl.


6. Coco before Chanelcoco before chanel

Talking about chic? Then we have to mention this stylish French chic movie. I mean like how can’t it be an incredible movie and it’s based on the life of Coco Chanel. The movie speaks about the life of Coco Chanel before the rise to fame.
It’s a must to see, depending on the fact that it speaks about the early life of the greatest fashion designer living CHANEL!


7. Dior et Moi

dior et moi

The free movie is about the making of Raf Simons’ haute couture collection with Dior. And it also gives some exclusive looks into the famous fashion house of Christian Dior, which was founded back in 1946. This quote ‘does’ it all:

“Dior and I” is itself a sign of the times, in which transparency is the new mystique. An audience that once might have savored the mysteries of craft now feasts on the spectacle of process. We demand to see how the sausages — or in this case the dresses, but also the dances, the plays and the movies themselves — are made.”


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8. The September Issue

the september issue movie

The free movie speaks about the stylists and editors of the world’s most amazing fashion magazine “Vogue” as they gather together to create September issue. The movie brings up the life behind the scenes of the glossy, most glorious and biggest issues of the year. It takes a lot of effort in bringing such an amazing issue.
It’s in the  must watch movies online free for anyone who’s interested in the fashion magazine industry.


9. The Women

The movie isn’t 100% about fashion, but it sure does speak it about it. The free movie the-women-movieis about a woman who finds out about her husband’s betrayal by mistake in a nail salon. She later on confronts him and they break up for a while for her to start focusing on her long-lost dream of becoming a fashion designer. We’ll be able to see an elegant cat walk by the end of the movie.
It’s a free movie to watch to inspire those who forgot about their dreams, whether it’s in the fashion industry or any other.


10. Fashion

It’s about a girl who fights her way through to reach her dream of becoming a fashion 2008 hindifashion model. The struggles she faces, and the sacrifices she had to make spices up the movie. The free movie shows off a bunch of sexy incredible outfits.
It’s a movie that I recommend watching, and it’s one of my favorite fashion movies of all time, but it had to go down the list because it’s not in English category of movies online.



These were the top 10 movies online for free every fashion lover needs to watch!

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The Top Notch Fashion in Movies | Best 3

As we love fashion, and we love to speak about it A LOT! We’ll discuss the fashion in 3 of our favorite movies in details. We’ll begin with one of our favorite fashion movies of all time “The Devil Wears Prada”.

 The Devil Wears Prada

This movie has surely given us and the world a lesson in FASHION! Of course leaving us with all of our dreams of being thatdevil wears prada girl who gets to be inside the magazine and have that magical kind of transformation. Or even have the chance to put on those office-chic outfits. Perhaps we also got dreams of getting the chance to put them on for a couple of minutes! What about something even more exciting, like spending a day shopping with the movie costume designer.

The transformation we saw in the movie of Andy and the way she became so gloriously fashionable, as she changed her entire clothing style from Lumpy sweater to thigh-high boots! And we got to admit that those boots are every girl’s dream. The movie also has pointed to something very important, which is that you can combine being smart and fashionable at the same time.
We’ll be casting the best outfits in the movie from our point of view.

–    The dress is very simple, but it makes her look so cool! She also looks very collected in it. The belt around her waist makes her look so sexy! And it also matches the bag.

–    It’s winter, and this black chic outfit has it all! Looking at the details, and especially these boots. It makes it look so elegant but yet cozy. Oh, not to mention that you can never get enough of CHANEL chain necklaces.

–    Like they say, save the best for last. This is one of our favorites not if the best of them. The black jacket and the thigh-high boots makes me speechless! Everything in this outfit get along together so well that I envy her.
We’re done with “Devil Wears Prada” lets head up to our next movie!

Zoolander 2

Zoolander is a movie about fashion, and we have to agree on that. But a question pops up! What type of fashion exactly? That’s why we’ll be trying to take a deeper look to the on-screen wardrobe of the movie characters that captured our zoolander 2attention the most. In one way or another the style of Zoolander seems ridiculous but the same time is very close to our high-end fashion obsessions.

–    The main Character “Derek Zoolander” is allergic to anything that isn’t made of cashmere, silk, or leather! That’s why he was given the look with glossy blazer with sexy Valentino sunglasses.

–    The second character that totally got our attention is “Valentina Valencia” and I’m pretty much sure the name says it all. It’s all about wearing Valentino only! The red jumpsuit and the matching shoes made it look sexy and yet fashionable. Penelope totally rocked in this character.
We hope that we cleared some of your ideas about the movie’s fashion! Because we’re about to head to a new one.

The Princess Diaries

It’s one of them movies that we all can’t help but to fall in love with it. The plot of the ordinary girl who gets to become a princess, but also gets to find out the true meaning of love. The royalty of the movie gives its own style moment. So come the princess diariesalong with us as we gather all the great fashionable scenes from the movie that got released back in 2001.
First of all, I can’t be the only one who fell in love with the school uniforms in the movie! I mean who wouldn’t wear the collar shirt and the tie to school every day. That would save us all the time we spent in front of our closets trying to find out what to wear to school. Can we ever get enough of Anne Hathaway? Because I most probably think not!

But of course let’s not forget about the transformation scene when Mia was no longer an ordinary girl and she looked more like a princess. I bet we all want this to happen to us too!

Yet again, leave the best for the end. That’s when we talk about the finale dress in the movie. That white elegant dress, the tiara, and of course the white gloves she wore. It all seemed so fitting together like a fairy-tale. It was so fashionably elegant in so many ways.

Be Fashionable All the Way 🙂

Unfortunately, that brings us up to the end of our article. But let us know which one of these movies are your favorite. We welcome your ideas and thoughts on our articles! And don’t forget, BE FASHIONABLE all the time, because it’s simply worth it.

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