Westworld Tv Show – Best Dressed Actors In A TV Show

westworld scene

As we have guessed when last week we saw a series of pictures offering a close look at some of the heroes of the eagerly awaited western series Westworld, as we approach the premiere, we begin to be bombarded with all sorts of promotional material.

What we did not expect is that the first thing in this marketing wave that we’ll see is a new trailer (we thought about some other TV spot), two minutes long and revealing more about the plot of everything we’ve seen so far.

Westworld Trailer

We recall that Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and J. J. The Abrams Series Westworld available to watch here was created by Michael Crichton’s eponymous film and is described as “a grim odyssey of the birth of artificial consciousness and the future of sin.”

Unlike the Critton movie, telling about a high-tech adult amusement park, where one of the robot-cowboy attractions spoils and causes chaos and horror among unsuspecting park visitors, the series will focus on robots rather than people.

Will Problems Affect Westworld Production?

In our view, it seems more impressive and we are increasingly convinced that the problems with which production is confronted will not negatively affect the end result. Our hopes for true TV (and why not cinema?) Event will come true.

Westworld’s first episode is “The Original,” and his screenwriter and director is Jonathan Nolan, who alongside his wife Lisa Joy is the main driving force behind the show. The premiere of “Westworld” will be on October 2nd.

Equally executive performers are J. J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub and Brian Burke. Castles include Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Rodrigo Santoro, Tanya Newton, Ben Barnes, Shannon Woodward, Clifton Collins, Tessa Thompson, Jimmy Simpson and others.


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