Actors That Dress Really Good | The Best 3

When we talk about fashion all that comes up in our minds is women’s fashion, as it gets all the attention. But, we won’t be fair to men if we don’t take a look at their wardrobe. So let’s take a sneak beak into the closet of our favorite top 3 best dressed movie actors.
After all, I’m pretty much sure that men put enough effort into their clothes to look fab, just as much as women do. From head to toe starting with hats and suits to their sexy velvet jackets. Men’s fashion has developed during the years, just like women’s fashion.
Actors, for instance, they have the largest closet of fashionable shoes. Not to mention that some of the movies online actors on the spot nowadays brought a lot of fashion sense to the table.

So here are our top 3 actors who we love their sense of fashion:

 George Clooney

george clooney stylish actor

The man who is considered to be women’s dream knight. Well, I won’t really blame them for that. If we can just take a deep look to how he treats his wife “Amal”, we would realize why women envy her. But, let’s not talk about that.
George sure knows how to pull up a nice gorgeous look on the red carpets, and in my opinion he never had a fashion fail.
He’s a smart, handsome man and absolutely funny! Armani even says that George knows how to make a suit look simply fantastic. I won’t even argue on that, he makes anything looks fantastic.


Will Smithwill smith actor that dress good

Okay, who wouldn’t be in love with Will’s sense of fashion and the way he dresses?! From my honest point of view, he makes everything and anything looks SEXY! He has a lot of gorgeous looks on the red carpet while rocking suits just as much as he rocks the box office.


Brad Pitt

brad pitt

Brad is known by his great skills in acting, and not just that he was also known to be the husband of the sexiest woman alive “Angelina Jolie” but unfortunately they got divorced and it’s all dust now.
Away from the Brangelina drama, He is one of the sexiest men on the red carpet. He knows how to blow our minds in any outfit and always looks bold on the red carpet, leaving us amazed by how sexy he were.
He’s also known to be a fashion icon, as he looks perfect in anything he wears! From boots to tuxedos. He always looks very confidence no matter how big or small the event was. He always has something good to wear.

Anyone We Missed? If so, Mention Your Favorite Actor Below

These were the top 3 actors that dress good all the time, and not to mention they always amaze us. This is just from a personal point of view. If you have any different opinion or an actor that you’d like to add to our list, just feel free to leave it in the comment box! We welcome your ideas and your opinions all the time.

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