Entertainment: Choosing a fashion magazine that suits you

4minute_hyuna_2If you happen to be one “fashionista hardcore” then definitely you have an idea on what are the essentials of any fashionista’s standards which is flooding in the industry. Probably you have viewed all of them which are displayed at the malls but investing your favorite magazine can be a bit costly too when you buy them off the newsstands. However, magazine subscriptions are synonymous to a long-term investment so it is highly recommendable that you choose the compatible magazine to subscribe which rest assured that your investment will be on the hold. Below is a list of well-known and best magazines which you can invest your time in. For more you can go here.

Vogue – This is considered as a fashion bible containing latest articles that are an essential in most of the fashion companies, since it highlights high-end fashions and the elite crowd along with the fashion updates and celebrity lifestyle. If you like to dream of living the stylish and lavish lifestyle in the next ten years, then you should get this one because some of the advertisements cover fashion photography and celebrity profiles movies keep your interest going plus it gives you hints on who’s going to be the next cover girl of the following month. Although one of the downfalls for this is it talks down to you. However, a year’s subscription price is at around $15 which can keep you updated for two years. Meaning you can save at least around 68% too.

W Magazine – Some features of this magazine contain delicate photography plus-plus-sized pages which give a high gratitude on featured fashions. This magazine impulses the idea of fashion and fashion design as a form of art which is complementing the articles and covering up on young budding designers and artists as plus famous fashion icons which ring a bell to the fashion industry. Additionally, this also focuses on continuing political issues then gives the scoop on international situations. Considering yourself as an artist, this one is surely fofashion-png-filer you because this magazine features different types of artists who will inspire you with their unique skills which will leave you wondering where it came from. The cover models are professionally styled, and photograph by experts plus the articles are detailed-oriented. Another, this also makes you learn more about the history of the fashion field without giving you a feeling that you are out of place. The cost subscription starts at $12 for only a year, though.

Elle – Mainly, this magazine emphasizes on beauty, fashion, and entertainment but out of all magazines cited, this one would prefer to feature most on artists rather than an actress. This magazine is considered to be one of the biggest in the industry as of today since it contains a maximum of 39 types of international editions. Moreover, this also highlights new books that are perfect for book lovers out there and fun activities that are a must try. This even recognizes tips from the experts who update the season trends all the time especially if you are into wearing what this season has to offer. On the other hand, Elle will help you save up to 83% off through online subscription.

Lucky – Are you more into shopping and style? Then Lucky is meant for you since it spotlights on the what and how to wear your outfits while creating an exciting and accessible vibe. This is best when you are looking into corresponding items which are in style but for a reasonable cost. Whereas in other magazines, this makes a highlight mainly on fashion and beauty, meaning it does not fashion-model-png-af-fashion-model-18go out of the topic. If you don’t like reading too much, then Lucky is one of the magazines wherein you can have fun flipping through the pages since there are no other side stories. Furthermore, it contains stickers in every edition which comes handy to just tag on the items you want to purchase plus this will give you a price of $15 for two years helping you save at around 76% through an online subscription.

Aside from the mentioned magazines above, there are also other ones to look after for such as Instyle, Glamour, Preview, and Cosmopolitan. If you still haven’t grabbed your pick yet, then some magazines are kind enough to offer a discount for the next subscription in case you bought them at the same time.

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